Love It, List It, or Lose It? 6 Signs You May Be a Hoarder

Has anyone ever referred to you as a hoarder? Do you take offense? Maybe you just thought that you were sometimes just a little bit disorganized. But to tell you the truth, hoarding goes a lot further than just having some extra things lying around. Did you know that around 4 percent of Americans have issues with hoarding? It can be considered a pretty serious disorder. But if you thought you were just a bit of a pack rat, and others consider you a hoarder, maybe it is time you learned the difference. In the following post, the team at Long Island junk removal  will help you learn how to declutter your home, and your mind. Here are some signs that you might actually be a hoarder.

1. You Keep Buying Things You Simply Don’t Need

Many people who are hoarders will buy items that they feel that they need in the moment. In other words, it provides a sense of instant gratification. People buy an item because it creates a sense of peace and joy, but that feeling doesn’t last very long. The purchase feels so right in the moment but then the item just gets tossed onto the pile of all the other prized possessions that you haven’t seen in years. Shopping like this can quickly become a habit, and one that can be difficult to break.

2. What Started as a Collection has Become a Catastrophe

You may have started acquiring items simply because it “fit” into a collection that you have cherished. But the more you buy, the bigger the collection becomes. It just keeps growing and growing until it has taken over an entire room. How can you tell this has become a problem? Experts say that a lot of it has to do with how the collection is stored or organized. If your vintage Christmas dolls have taken over a room that can no longer remain functional, the dolls have taken over and you have some serious clutter going on.

3. Chairs are for Sitting, Not for Storage

Your dining room table has four chairs. On three of them are piles of newspapers so high that it feels easier to just keep them there rather than dispose of them. Or your collection of Christmas dolls needed a new place to sit, so they are piled up on a chair all ready for Christmas dinner. How about the couches in your living room? Are they covered with mementos, clothing that you never wear or items you purchased from your local thrift store? If chairs can no longer function they way they were intended to, you may very well have a hoarding problem. It may be time to clear the air, and your seating, and call a Long Island container rental company.


4. Did You Have a Strong Attachment to Objects at an Early Age?

Sure, many adults had collections of action figures and various toys when they were children. However, how strong were your attachments? If someone tried to take a toy or other cherished object away from you, did you feel completely abandoned, alone, and hopeless? This could have been an indication of a future life as a hoarder. Experts say that children who react this way over objects have trouble identifying feelings and emotions, so they “hoard” them inside. If you have been someone who holds onto things for various sentimental reasons, and feel intense grief when they are taken away, you may be a hoarder.

5. The Purge Test: Do You Have Trouble Letting Go?

One of the sure fire signs that you may be a hoarder is simply your trouble getting rid of all the clutter your possessions have created. The idea of cleaning out the closet, emptying the room of Christmas dolls, and vintage salt and pepper shakers fills you with a feeling of dread and anxiety. If you notice that you also feel that you spend more time trying to creatively store things as opposed to letting them go, you may be a hoarder. If you feel that the stuff that you own has become part of your identity as a whole, that is also another indication of hoarding. Rip off the emotional band aid and call a Junk removal in Suffolk county.


6. No Room for New Visitors

A friend wants to come over for lunch. You haven’t seen them in years. But where will the Christmas dolls go? You cancel the visit because the task of arranging rooms to allow for visitors is anxious and daunting. This is a sign of hoarding. You would rather keep everything cluttered and yourself isolated. It may also be true that you don’t want anyone coming into your home to touch any of your cherished “collection”. If you shut out the world because of the stuff you own, you are likely a hoarder.

No one can help a hoarder unless they are truly ready. If someone you know has this kind of problem, the first step is to get them some help from a professional. The next step, when they are ready for it, is to start decluttering everything. That’s where Northeast Containers comes in. We specialize in junk removal in Oceanside and all surrounding areas, and are here to help in any way we can. Call us today to discuss letting go of some of your clutter to start living a more streamlined life!